Dental Implants

Why choose Dental Implants?

Seventy percent of middle-age adults have lost at least one tooth due to gum disease, tooth decay, a failed root canal, or an accident. Dental Implants are a way to replace a missing tooth without disruption to the surrounding teeth. The space of the missing tooth becomes virtually undetectable. Having the space filled with a dental implant allows the surrounding bone to remain intact and the finished implant and subsequent crown result in a natural-looking smile.

What is unique about Advanced Dental Implants?

Dr. Jim Shipley uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques to allow you to have a completed dental implant in as little as 10 weeks. He employs “minimally invasive surgery” to place the implant and abutment often in a single session and with little to no surgical pain, nor post-operative discomfort. Conventional dental implants can take up to 10 months with multiple visits. This new science and implant units streamline the procedure, minimizing your discomfort and restoring your smile as soon as possible. Dr. Shipley realized that the process of ongoing dental treatments can be tedious to the patient, so he has perfected this technique to give you the shortest treatment plan in your best interest. Of the numerous patients Dr. Shipley has treated with dental implants, the benefit of minimal down time and resultant lower cost, are the reasons for choosing Advanced Dental Implants.

Am I a candidate for Advanced Dental Implants?

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth may benefit from a Dental Implant. The determining factor in recommending this treatment is the existence of healthy bone in which the implant will reside. Dr. Shipley will evaluate your situation and ascertain if this is the best dental service for you. Please call (608) 836-1422 for a free consultation that fits your schedule.

How will I feel?

During your visit to place the Advanced Dental Implant, we allow plenty of time for you to relax and for the area to become “asleep” with anesthetic. Another reason this type of dental implant is so popular is that there is very little manipulation of the soft tissue due to the minimally invasive surgical approach. This allows faster healing time and reduced discomfort than is generally the case with traditional implant surgical techniques.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants compared to bridges?

Dental Implants and the accompanying crown offer a permanent solution to a missing tooth or several missing teeth. A bridge does this as well, but the neighboring teeth must get “ground down” and reduced to receive the bridge anchors. Dental Implants are designed to stand alone and do not require the modification of healthy teeth. A couple or multiple Dental Implants can be utilized as abutment support for longer span bridges as part of a more involved dental restorative plan.

How do Dental Implants make loose fitting Dentures feel like “Real Teeth”?

Complete or Partial Dentures are removable and not a permanent part of your smile. They are bulky and can create awkwardness in eating and talking. However, when they are supported by underlying Dental Implants, their bulkiness can be minimized and the removable portions stabilized and completely retained in the mouth, making the dentures look and function like your natural teeth.

What is the ongoing care for Advanced Dental Implants?

Your Dental Implant and Crown look and act just like natural teeth. They require only routine home care and periodic cleanings to maintain health. The Dental Implant is a cost-effective long-term solution for one or more missing teeth.

We will be happy to offer you further specifics when you visit us for a no- charge discussion of your personalized smile solutions. Distinctive Dentistry has a private, comfortable atmosphere overlooking a lovely oak grove. Dr. Shipley’s cosmetic and general dentistry photos adorn the walls and books in our office, showing you real examples of real people all over the country who have had his expertise transform their smile.